If you are a celebrity, or have a brand that needs a push on social media, or even if you have to launch yourself or something on social media, the fact of the matter is that numbers do the game. But if you are new to Instagram, you have two choices, you either earn your followers the straightway by creating a strategy, posting new and interesting stuff and by keeping your audience engaged. The other way is the shorter route, where you can simply spend a small amount of money and buy as many followers as you like.

Buying Instagram Followers: When this subject is brought forward, there are numerous questions that will crop up. It is not uncommon for many celebrities, brand influencers, social media influencers and even some politicians to buy followers. The main reason for this is to change the perception in the minds of people. Many people check the number of followers as a way to judge the person or brand. So, when there are a substantial number of followers, it makes the Insta profile appear more credible.

Buying followers is fairly simple and straightforward. The process simply involves selecting the profile where you want the followers, pay the amount and refresh your Insta account, in no time the number of followers will rise. There are various packages available, where different number of followers is available at various prices. Choose your package and the corresponding number of followers is added to your account. You can choose to buy followers and Instagram likes right here.

Is buying Instagram followers a good idea or otherwise?

Like there are two sides to a coin, buying followers also has its own set of pros and cons. Let us see some of them.


Makes your profile seem interesting enough to follow: More the number of followers you have, more your profile seems attractive, which can invariably attract more natural followers. It works like a magnetic effect, where you appear in front of more people who can choose to follow you.

Makes the profile seem credible: If you have the numbers, you obviously seem more credible. Your profile will appear to be more popular, and will appear in front of more and more people. When one likes it, chances of the other at least viewing it are very bright.

Makes your brand appeared reputed: If you have many followers is synonymous with your brand being good. It obviously makes your brand appear good enough to have earned those many followers; this tends to attract many natural followers who would like to follow the trend.

Better conversion rate: Out of every 10 people who view your profile, if normal just a couple would follow, looking at your number of followers many more would want to convert.

Kick starts your brand: No viewer would want to be the first few to follow a brand, but would rather follow a brand that already has a decent number of followers. This invariable means, if you begin with a good number of followers as a base, chances are that many new and natural followers will follow on.

Cost effective: Most of the sites where you can buy followers, offer the service at a pocket friendly price. You can actually get 100's of followers for the price of a coffee. It is that cheap. This way, you can kick start your way to fame without burning a hole in your pocket. As there are positive sides, there are also certain cons or negative points that also must be taken into consideration. It is important to weight both the pros and cons before deciding.


Could put your reputation at risk: There are some greats service providers that offer genuine followers, but they are difficult to tell apart from fake or scams. If you fall prey to scams, your profile might appear in poor light.

No engagement: Most of the Instagram followers that are purchased are usually defunct profiles or bots. And so, even if you have a huge number of followers, you will have no likes or any kind of engagement. There are a few packages that offer 'auto likes' along with followers that is a good option.

Risk of follower drops: At many unforeseen times, social media undergoes several changes, where the number of followers are dropped all of a sudden without any prior notice or warning. In such times, the followers that were bought are the first ones to drop out of a profile.

Followers may be bots: Some services provide followers that are not real and these in the long run tend to drop out of the profile, since they are bots. Always make sure you purchase only real followers, whenever you do.

Might put profile under scanner: If you have about 500 followers and overnight get as many as 10,000 followers, there is a whole team working at Instagram that keeps a tab of such fraudulent activities. Such sudden growth might put your profile at risk of being deleted or banned.